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David, thanks so much for the quick response!! I'm now motivated to get online and find a good deal now that I know what is reasonable. Your site is proving invaluable:) ....Carolyn..2/20/11

David - Thanks for all the info. I just wanted to tell you I just booked my tickets through and I got $710 roundtrip per person!!! All confirmed - outbound on Continental and return through Milan w/ Air One & Continental...pretty happy with that!!

That is very useful information that you've provided. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Thank you so much for your quick response and all of your info. Wow! You've given me much to think about.
Thanks again.
Susan :)...5/26/09

Thanks so much David. I really appreciate your suggestions. I will certainly take you up on them.
Have a great day!!

We are ready to book! We booked our flights this morning. You were right....the price from New Orleans to Athens roundtrip came down to $901 pp. Quite a savings. Thanks for the advice to wait. Continental had the best price and the best flight so we got lucky.

Hi David:
Wow. It Worked!
I called Continental and because they made a slight flight change, leaving at 6:15 a.m. instead of 7:15 a.m. (ugh), I was able to do an involuntary cancellation of our tickets, with no penalty, and then buy seats on the exact same flights (still leaving at 6:15 ugh) through Orbitz for about $300 per ticket less, saving close to $900 for the three of us. Cool. That pays for a big part of our yacht trip. Pretty slick.

We just bought our 2 tickets for $1400 from continental! We decided to act fast in case it was only a quick sale.
Thanks again for all your help. I'll be sure to spread the word about your site and I'm going to use the sites you recommended to book our hotels.
You're providing a great service to travelers. Thanks again!
Megan... 3/4/09
(Saved $800 by waiting 3 days!!!)

thanks for the info David. I just secured flights on Air Transat for 1332 CAD per person including everything. This flight actually ended up being less expensive than the Swiss Air flight with taxes and other fees. I did use the Booking it!
We are booking a package with Fantasy Travel (except for the flight), they have been wonderful to work with.
Thanks again,

Wow, I have been traveling with a tour group for my last 4 trips, so the Internet was not a big part of my planning for independent travel in the past. I am super impressed with your site, information and prompt replies. I'll keep in touch. Thank you so much.

Hi David,
Thanks for the great information. I can see we have our work cut out. But, it's good to know that we still have some time to work on this. Thank-you also for all the great links. I'll keep you posted.
Take care,

David, thanks very much. I think I will try to stick with the US airlines, and wait a bit longer to see if sale fares appear. Olympic does sound risky and risky is not a word I like associated with my vacation! Thanks also for the links, I'll check out all of them - and when I find something possible, I'll run it by you to see what you think.Again, thanks for being so helpful.

Thank you! I'm amazed you responded so fast! I'll be patient and follow your advice.
Katy .. 1/18/09

Dear David,
what a star you are! thank you so much

Flying July 25 returning Aug. this the best deal per person? I've got no seems the lowest on all the sites and I realize its peak season. just wanted to know if I was missing something. your site has been great though, recenlty moved to garmisch-partenkirchen and your listing of european airlines has been incredibly useful - going to italy for 15euros at the end of the month with - never would have heard of them without your site! thanks,

Hello. this is the only email i say on, this is the one i'm emailing. i've enjoyed your website, as well as . they are a MUST for anyone visiting greece.

Hey David-We really like your plan ideas, and the greece travel website is fantastic.
I think we are on our way to planning a wonderful trip. Thanks again!
Christopher and Rebecca

Wow-Thank you David! I truly appreciate your response! I will check out the websites mentioned and your blog page. You are a great resource and I have bookmarked your website for my next travel.Take care,
-- Christina

Your information has been amazingly helpful.
-- Cheryl Swain

Thank you so much for your very quick reply to my question. I am so
impressed that I will most definitely use your services on our next trip...
my husband unfortunately already booked everything, but I will definitely
recommend you to others. Thank you again.
-- Rise

Dear David,
What a great advice. I will continue to check out he links that you've provided and consider Greece as our priority for this suimmer.
Thanks again for your help.


I appreciate all of your help with the ticket purchase and getting back to me on the return information. After this trip, I believe Ryan will be interested in doing more travel through Europe. I will keep your Email and number handy.


Thank you much David,
You are right on. I tried ASAP flights and they're charging about $1022.
Tried Fare Fox and I found a flight for $930. That's definitely better than $1200 offered elsewhere. I better book now rather than take a gamble and wait.
Thanks for your helpful information!!!


I wanted to thank you for arranging our flights to Greece for our vacation in May. It was a wonderful vacation!

We are interested in getting information for a trip to Paris, France for October. We were thinking of departing on Thursday, October 13 and returning Sunday, October 23. We can leave from either Charleston or Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC, whichever is least expensive. We would appreciate a price quote for this. Thank you very much!
--Elaine S.

hi david,
thank you for your info. it's very useful to me. i really appreciate your help.
thank you again,


Thanks, David. It was a joy working with you -- easy as pie! If you need an endorsement for your website, you've got it from me. And tell your brother -- WOW! What an amazing website. I have had to do very
little searching elsewhere. What a service he has been to other
travelers to Greece. Even John, who has been to Greece MANY times, has
been amazed by what I've been able to arrange -- but it's been thanks
to MATT'S website!
So many thanks to you both.

-- Pat

Thanks for being honest, David! You and your brother run some great sites!

Dear David,
Thank you for your suggestions regarding airfare and travel to alonissos. I'm sorry I did not get back to you right away. We found a pretty good rate on British Airways and went with that, but we are booking at your recommended Attalos hotel in Athens. Thanks again for such comprehensive and prompt help with our greece trip. We'll know who to ask in the future.

--Katie C. and Paul T.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and your website suggestions! I worked pretty hard on scouting for the best deal for my tickets out of the US, but I will keep your website bookmarked and use it myself or pass it on to anyone I know who needs help getting to Greece. I am going to check out the websites now. Again, thanks for for time and what help you were able to provide. If we ever do business together I will remember this.

-- Seth

I received the tickets yesterday. Everything is in place, thanks so much for your help.

Just wanted to try one more time about a round trip ticket
chicago-Athens-Chicago for my daughter Anna around June 12 departure (flexible) and returning around August 1st (flexible). I understand that fares are running around $900 or so. Any airline is fine. Thanks for the tip on one-way for me. The Greek travel agency found me a pretty good deal on Alitalia coming back to Chicago.
Thanks again.


Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you. We are very excited for the trip.

Thank you for the tickets, David! That was quick.

PERFECT!! I'll get the credit card info faxed to you within the hour!! (Just have to plug in my fax machine) You're great, David!! This is so much better and I'd prefer to travel on Olympia Airlines to/from NY.

Hello David,
I have just sent a credit card authorization fax to you for these flights. Please send me an e-mail when you receive the fax! Thanks for your help;
you are providing a great service.

I just wanted to say thank you for you have given me the most remarkable online service that i never even knew was possible. i will definitely be using your services, thank you so much.
--your satisfied customer

David, hello, thank you for this.... I have just spoken to Alex and was told changes would be $60 for my two tickets and she will book Halina's ticket, "hopefully" with the same fare.... so this would great! I mentioned I am having to also final my accommodations with Nadia, so she said that she will be calling me back within an hour to confirm everything.... THANK YOU.... I very much appreciate your extra efforts regarding my requests. I will speak to you soon!!!

Hi David,
Yes, we did get the check and it has been cashed, so no need to worry about it anymore. We appreciated the way you took care of it so professionally.
We'll definitely recommend you to our friends who are travelling to Europe and Greece. We had a wonderful time over there and just got the pictures back yesterday. Lots of great memories!
Hope all is going well for you and thanks again for your timely assistance.
Kind regards,
--Chad and Kristena

Thanks so much David, this is exactly what I had in mind.
I'll fax my cc info shortly.
Thanks again!

How are you???  Looking to see if you have any good rates on tickets leaving the 2nd of Aug and returning around the 18thof Aug.  You got me a great last minute deal over the Christmas holidays and as always I thank you!!!!!


Dear David,
Thank you so much! This is such a big help. We will fax our info tomorrow. Are you in New York? We are still researching places to stay in Naxos. I think we want to stay in town so we can walk around at night. I've emailed lots of places. Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be deluxe but nice.
Thanks again

David... just wanted to thank you very much for taking care of my flight tickets from Tel Aviv to Athens. I received the tickets via Fed Ex within a day or two after faxing payment!!! I very much appreciate the professional and fast service from you and your company.

Dear David,
I am writing to let you know that I am a fan of yours! The arrangements you made for us were excellent, your service and advice invaluable, and the trip to Greece phenomenal! I am recommending you to all here in DC! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for booking our flights to Greece. I received the FedEx package yesterday, after I left you the voice mail. I'm glad you understood our concerns as first time internet shoppers and Greece travelers. Your info on the accommodations during that time of month was priceless. You will be highly recommended to our friends and family. I'm sure after our trip they will all want to go. Many thanks again from Danna and myself.

Dear David,
I just got my tickets in the mail. Thank you for your patients and all of your help!


Hi David,
Just wanted you to know the three tickets arrived today. I want to thank you for all of your help. We have emailed so many times I feel I know you and wanted to thank you for your efficiency.
We are going over to Greece to spend a week with our son (Christopher) and daughter-in-law. Starting this fall he accepted a Assistant Professor position at Allaghney College in Meadville PA teaching literature. For the spring semester he plans to start a course at the College in Greek Literature and at the end of the semester he plans to take the students to Greece for 3 weeks. The school was very supportive of his starting this type of course. He taught at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki for two years before he came back to the USA to finish his PHD. He is now over there for a month and invited us to spend a week. I will certainly tell him of the service I received from you and maybe he can work with you next year on a group rate for the class.
Again, Thanks much for your service,


Hi David, thanks for the quick responce. I can leave here at any time as I have my own business. Natalya is working for a business. I think we would be pushing to have her leave earlier as she's already leaving a day early. Yes it would be great if we can do the Athens-Rhodes flight's together if possible. Actually, it's more than I could expect! David, I sincerily thank you for your efforts! If we can fly from Athens to Rhodes together and vise-versa is just wonderfull!! I would be so happy! I would like to spend as much time with Natalya as possible. If we need a room in Athens, then so be it! David, personally I think your doing too much, but I am very greatfull! We just want to be together as long as possible, plain and simple. Cost is not a major concern for me. Natalya is. I ask you do your best so we can spend the most time together and send me the bill! Thank you so much,

Thank you so much David! You have secured a very happy relationship from two people from two different cultures. You should feel proud to do this service! Many thanks!! You lived up to your reputation! Please!!!...send me the schedual of the flight's for me and Natalya. (itenerary?) You know what I mean. :) Again, many thanks. I have not recieved
notification from Aegean Thesaurus of reservations. May I ask your friend at Olympic to reserve and recommend a hotel? Send her phone # if you can. I will call asap! (or e-mail)
Again, Thank you David!!


Hello, David. Thanks for this message. Jerry will paperprint it and feel assured. I also have noted the record locator number. All success to you, as you help people on their way to their heart's desire.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my tickets at the correct fare. Alexandra was very helpful, and even called to make sure I received the Fed Ex package. Thank you so much for your help and extra effort to make my travel plans work out. Thanks again of rall of your help,


Hi David!
Thanks for you inquisition. Things went VERY well! Much better than expected, on both parts. The trip went well without any flaw's that were a problem. We had a wonderfull time! We stay'd at the Rodes Park Hotel. They are a wonderfull groupe of people by far! At our "beck and call" 24 hr's without hesitatation. Natalya and I had the most wonderfull week together. We took the ferry to Lindos and visited the Acropolis, let alone the "old town" of Rodes. We covered every square inch of "old town"! An experiance we both will never forget! We spent some time in Faliraki too! Loads of fun there! We have been back since the 1st of August and we still talk about it! I often thing about walking own a street hearing the local"language" and feeling disorenitated(?), but, I asked one or more men, "English?". They came back as "Sir!, what can I help you with?" What a surprise! Perfect english! OK, enough of that. The Island was a great experiance for us both! It brought us together more than I expected. I have to thank you sooo much for what you did for us! She is in another world that can't comprehend what has happened to her since the trip! Here's a pix of the Acropolis in Lindos, and more. David..... Thanks soo much for what you have done for us both! I am glad
you have written me back.


David, you're great. This is exactly the type of information I need.
This pending proposal is in early negotiation stages -- it's rather difficult to negotiate from Nashville Tennessee with someone in Viotia. Or Inofita. As you can see, I'm geographically challenged - I assume Inofita is the city and Viotia a county, but - I haven't a clue.
I'm going to keep your address on file for future reference; should I successfully negotiate the contract, I'm going to put my company coordinator in touch with you. Although my company has some international experience, it's primarily in North America with the occasional trip to Mexico and Singapore.
And George really MUST be great, I'll DEFINITELY keep that information on file, as well.
You've been a gigantic help, thanks again.

Hi David....thanks so much for your call last night, I really appreciated such a quick response. And even better news....the tickets arrived today from Olympic!! That was really fast! Now all we have to do is wait for July 1st, and that will be the hard part. Thanks again for everything, the service you provided was excellent!
Take care....

I will fax you the proper credit card information on Monday so you can reserve our tickets. It has been a pleasure working with you and I would like to commend you on your promptness and attention to customer service. I will definitely recommend your website to anyone who is traveling to Greece. Sincerely,

--David and Erica

I wanted to let you know that my tickets arrived today. I recommended you to my friend Jessica, and she says that she is working a few things out, but that she should be purchasing her tickets soon. I also gave your name to the rest of my class (University of New Orleans Honors Program Greek Intersession Course) in case anyone else wants to join us
on the Advance Party for this summer. Efharisto!


You are moving up my list of the most wonderful people in the world. Words will never express my appreciation for all your help. If you ever come to Maryland and need anything, please feel free to contact me. By the way we
go Greece every other year - so this will not be the last you have to deal with me. Thanks,


YOU ARE CURRENTLY MY FAVORITE PERSON! Thank you for clearing everything up for me. I will mail out the check tonight! Thank you for everything! I will refer everyone I know to you!!!! Sincerely,


I wondered about the June 12th departure date but didn't mention it. Yes, departing on June 10th is fine; in fact, we prefer it that way. I will have Harry fax a letter approving that date today or tomorrow at the latest.
Did I mention we think you are awesome?!?!


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but unfortunately I have been swamped at work!! We received our tickets and I wanted to thank you for your assistance. You made the reservation process very painless. I do have
another question for you though. We would like to stay at the grecotel Mykonos blu Hotel june 2,3 4 leaving on the 5th. Do you book such reservations and if so could we do it through you? If not we will try other
avenues. Thanks again for the flight help,


David, I got my ticket this morning. Thank you so much for your wonderful help. Regards,

Thank you so much for helping me get to Greece! I had a wonderful time and certainly hope to go back again
real soon! I am hoping that I convince my husband to go next time and that we can explore some to the Greek
Islands together.
This time was good time spent with my brother who lives in Athens. He took me the long route home from
the brand new airport by the Temple of Poseidin! What a spectacular introduction to the wonders of Greek
antiquity! We had a wonderful Easter celebration with friends and then took off Monday morning for a road
trip to Meteora - WOW!! What an incredible place!!
Then it was over the snowy mountains to Ioanna and Arta and late Tueday arriving in Delphi. We beat the
tour buses to the ruins Wednesday morning and had a great time! Then it was back to Athens where I explored the Acropolis and The Plaka by myself and even the Archeological Museum on Friday morning before I left! I spent over 4 hours wandering the ruins of the Acropolis - sketching several of the interesting columns! It was terrific! Thanks again for helping to make it possible with the affordable airline ticket! Sincerely,


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help! I have passed your website along to others who are considering traveling to Greece... you have been wonderful!


David was extremely responsive, meeting our various itinerary needs.

I just returned from my wonderful vacation to Greece and wanted to let you know that I had an incredible time! Thanks for all your help~ I will definitely pass your email site along to friends looking to explore Greece. Sincerely,

David your the best.

That is good news indeed, you know I must sincerely thank you for all your help during the planning of my trip to Greece and after my return form Greece, as it stands now I am definitely returning next year and without a doubt will be using Globe Merchants !!

Dear David:
I just returned from my honeymoon in Greece, and I wanted to thank you for your help in getting the airline tickets for Olympic. All flights were smooth and relatively delay-free (and reasonable). If I ever plan another trip to Greece (and how can a Greek not do so?) I will call on you again. Thank you!
Stamford, CT

Hello David:
I received the tickets today and I want to thank you for your prompt and professional servcice. I really appreciate your help and will recomend your services every chance I get.


Ahhh - feeling like I'm back in touch with the outside world is working! :-) I can't sing your praises enough for all your help - both in the construction & "deconstruction" our of trip. We WILL go to Greece sometime and we WILL be in contact with you. :-) Thank you so much David. You've been wonderful!


David, we had a wonderful Trip!!!! thankyou so much for your flight help and tickets. I will pass this site on for anyone looking to go to Greece.

Yes, David, You have been a God send. I will confirm with you the second I have the positive dates. I have a time frame that I am working on and the exact time table will depend on my work place. The G-E facility I work at has a shut-down coming up in May, but I don't know the exact days yet .When they tell us--I will be yelling at you to get me those seats. We should know in the next week when the exact days will be.....Thank you again...You will be hearing from me soon...

Again,thanks for all your patience, you're better than a therapist!


very cool, again, thank you for all your excellent customer service!!

Hi David,
I just got my tickets. Thank You very much, it was a pleasure working with you.


You have been most thorough and helpful. Karen and I appreciate it! May your knowledge, established relationships in the travel industry, experience, helpful attitude, and attention to detail be richly repaid to you and your family, not only in gainful employment but in rich blessings spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The BLESSING of the Lord be upon you and yours!

Man, when your brother says you give good service, he is grossly understating your abilities. Taxes sure do eat up a lot of one's money, don't they. Thanks again, David, for the thoroughly professional way you have handled our tickets. I realize with my (jittery) parameters, it was a bit of trouble for you - so believe me my gratitude is sincere.

Fax is on it's way. Thank you for having been so wonderful through all of this. I will write to Matt's newsletter about your help and patience. THANK YOU AGAIN

Hi David,
My husband Shannon will be sending you information regarding payment. He will be faxing it soon. We will get the tickets!!! Thank you for all your help. You have been great.


David, thanks for all the help, you've been stellar! Cordially,

thanks alot david - got the check - appreciate all your help - you really were a great help in planning our honeymoon to Greece - God Bless you!

It's that easy?? Thank you so much. You really run an efficient service. I will fly through you again. Thank you,


Aloha David - We received the tickets. Thanks very much for your efficiency.
--Lora and Dave

Hi David,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my tickets today! Thanks so much for your help. :)


I faxed you the information needed to book the proposed flights, which will work out perfectly. I want you to know that both of us have really appreciated your patience and perserverance in helping us with our arrangements!! You have provided excellent service! Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information.
Many thanks,


Thank you David, I will be seeing all of the travelers on Sunday (superbowl) and will show them all your emails. Please bare with us, they will have many more questions before they will nail this down, but I do believe that you should be utilized for this, as well as Fantasy Travel Tours. Thank you so much for your attention. I will get back with you next week.

I will send out that information either tomorrow or Friday. Thanks again for your help. You made the process of trying to find reasonably priced tickets very easy.


David: The Greece tickets came in today, so we are good to go. Thanks so much for all your help and
we'll be scouring your website for more tips.

Please note that it will be your responsibility to make your own air travel arrangements to arrive at Heraklion airport on Crete via Athens on the afternoon of May 12th, and to depart from Athens midday on June 12th. I have found David Econopouly of to be particularly helpful in making such arrangements. He can be reached by email at or by going to Keep in mind that from this point on the ticket prices will very likely rise as the date of departure approaches, so it will be wise to get your tickets as soon as
possible after you decide to participate.

--Duke University Travel to Greece Program

I hope you received the fax. attached is a copy of it as well. Please let me know of any issues right away.
Thanks again for all your help. We hope to travel to Greece every year and therefore we will become repeat customers of yours.


Dear David,
This is perfect-you are the best! I will FAX them in the morning, 9:30am my time-thank you for making this easy. Regards,

Just received them about an hour ago. Thanks. Thanks also for the help and prompt service to fixup the mess.
I will keep you in mind when I make my next travel plans. You can also use me for reference if you ever need one.
Thanks again and take care.

-- Tony

I just wanted to thank David for helping me sched. my daughter and her boyfriend for their european backpacking adventure. The price was fantastic! I look forward to doing business again with you. Your personal service was awesome!

David.. I got my airline tickets today.. just wanted to say a big thank you. Today was my birthday and it was so special to get them today. Thank you so much for your help. I would have been lost in a very angry sea without your help. Thanks for your expertise and thanks for the way you answered all my questions. Again, thank you I just would not be this happy today without the help you gave me.

Yes - received it. will fax visa & address info tomorrow. am sending your link to a friend who will be joining me in London end Sept. Thanks again. You are terrific.

Just a belated thank you for helping my wife and I have one of the most fun trips ever.
Every aspect of the operation you were a part of went smoothly. Lesvos was a wonderful place to visit, we rented a car and drove all around the Island, especially enjoying Plamari.
Nikki and George of the AEOLIS HOTEL were terrific hosts, and their hotel was spotless, comfortable, and conviently located to Molyvos.
The view from our back balcony was of Turkey, and we could see the castle of Molyvos out our front.
Again we thank you..

--Howard and Christine

you did a great job booking my flights to greece this past summer and so i have highly recommended your services to my parents. they will be taking a trip to greece in may 2004 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. At your convenience, would you please price out fares for them?


Overall, I had a great Experience with Greece Flights, and I will be recommending you to many here at work who are considering vacations in Greece.
Thank you,


I found this site through another bride that got married in Santoriniin September and she highly recommended it to get a good flight.


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