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#5 Charter Flights
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#6 Charter Flights From Europe

#7 Ferries From Italy

#8 Be An Air Courier

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Getting from Athens Eleftherios Venezelos Airport to Athens

George, The Famous Taxi Driver

George is a an alternative to the taxi. The advantage to hiring George to get you to Athens is that he is a known entity. He's a safe driver, doesn't smoke and speaks fluent English..... If you decide to hire George then he will give you instructions on where to meet him. But read on, to find out more about George(who also gives personalized tours of Athens and Greece....)

The Best Taxi Driver in Greece

I have a brand new Mercedes Taxi. Fully airconditioned and very comfortable. I drive very carefully and I do not smoke. I can promise you that if you take a journey with me, whether it is a half day trip in Athens or a week long excursion around the country you will come back with an understanding of Greece that you will treasure and you will have perhaps the best vacation of your life. You will eat the best food and be treated like a guest of my country and when we say goodbye at the airport you will be saying goodbye to a friend you will always remember and hope to see again. That is why I say I am The Best Taxi Driver in Greece.

For more information and prices you can e-mail: E-mail is so unreliable these days that if you have an alternate e-mail address that George can cc his reply this is helpful especially if you are using hotmail, aol or other unreliable e-mail programs.)

or you can fax or phone me, George Kokkotos at this number:
From the USA:(01130) 210 9637029
From Europe: 0030 210 9637029
Within Greece dial: 210 9637029

From the USA:(01130) 210 9637030
From Europe: 0030 210 9637030
Within Greece dial: 210 9637030

mobile phone 693-2205887(from USA dial 01130 693-220-5887)

You can also read the reviews of my customers at

Keep in mind that unlike large tours which charge by the person I charge by the trip. If you are a single person or a couple looking for another couple to share the journey you can send an e-mail to and your message will be posted at

For those with infants I do have a have a car seat for the purpose of transporting your child in safety.

3. Bus
4. George, The Famous Taxi Driver
(or friends of George, The Famous Taxi Driver, if George is busy)


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